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We’ll be exhibiting with our partner companies  Cath-Tip, Inc. and Cath-Punch, LLC. with whom we offer complete catheter solutions:  design, process development, catheter tipping, flaring, bonding, hole-punching and production.

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Stop by booth #953 in Anaheim to view samples that show the quality of our work. Discuss your project with us and see some of the equipment we use. We specialize in complicated parts and small quantity production runs.

We are a sister company to the premier catheter tipping and hole drilling machine manufacturers:  Cath-Tip, Inc. and Cath-Punch, LLC. This partnership offers you complete process development and production solutions.

With decades of experience, we know how to produce the most consistent and highest quality parts.

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did you know catheter manufacturerDID YOU KNOW:  Technology Matters?

The benefits that your device provides for the healthcare of your customers can only reach their full potential when those devices are produced to stringent specifications and are of the highest quality.

Manufacturing and tooling technology must meet the needs of new and innovative products to improve today’s and pioneer tomorrow’s treatments.  From the most basic Foley and I.V. catheters to intricate devices used in sensitive surgeries and procedures, your product must meet required precision to perform as designed.

We have partnered with industry leading equipment manufacturers to produce the most consistent and highest quality parts.  Our machine platforms provide high precision and flexibility over multiple applications that reduce costs related to machine changeovers, machine downtime and out-of-spec product.

At Production Medical we strive to fulfill commitments, exceed expectations and manufacture your success.
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DID YOU KNOW:  Geometry Matters?


Does your contract supplier understand how much geometry matters?

From interactions with other device components to preventing inadvertent trauma to the patient, your finished part characteristics play an integral role in patient safety and procedural success.  Incomplete fill, excessive flash, and poorly formed flares are all examples of manufactured defects that can compromise safety and performance.  We consider meeting & exceeding quality standards our strong suit.

Case Study:

A customer was struggling to get the tip they needed to ensure consistent performance during sensitive procedures.  They called us for help.  By providing a die with newly designed geometry that ensures flashless tips and imparts a mirror finish, along with a refined manufacturing process, we were able to take their current product from something that was merely adequate to one with hugely improved product quality and performance.  The “new” part was so well accepted that demand spiked and opened the door to our customer for new projects with their customer.

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Production Medical, Manufacturing Your Success.


ISO certification logo quality management system

Production Medical achieves ISO 13485:2003certification for its Quality Management System.

From the ISO website: “Safety and quality are non-negotiables in the medical devices industry. Regulatory requirements are increasingly stringent throughout every step of a product’s life cycle, including service and delivery. More and more, organizations in the industry are expected to demonstrate their quality management processes and ensure best practice in everything they do.

ISO 13485:2003, Medical devices – Quality management systems – Requirements for regulatory purposes, is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry.”

Production Medical, a medical device contract manufacturer, specializes in catheter manufacturing and uses industry leading technology for custom forming catheters and catheter components.  Among other available services process expertise includes tipping, flaring, bonding, welding and drilling.


Lyman Pierce, Managing Director: “The addition of ISO 13485 certification further demonstrates what current clients already know, that Production Medical is committed to our customer’s success.  This is accomplished by developing and implementing the best business practices that ensure we provide timely service, innovative solutions and consistent quality.  As a medical device contract manufacturer, we want our customers to have confidence in their supply chain and in their product.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction and compliance will continue to be a benefit to our current and future customers as we strive to manufacture their success.”

catheter tipping manufacturer newsDID YOU KNOW:  Material Matters?

It’s necessary to strike a balance between desired properties of a finished catheter part and manufacturability. Part geometry will influence material choice. Whether looking for internal lubricity, kink-resistance or bondability properties, we can help guide you.
For example,  PTFE is highly regarded for its finished product performance characteristics such as internal lubricity and biocompatibility.  Its processing characteristics, however, limit what is possible to thermoform to simple geometry.  We can recommend finished part geometry guidelines for your application that will make tip forming with PTFE possible or we can suggest an alternate material such as FEP, a copolymer that combines the performance characteristics of PTFE with easier processability.
Tell us what you’re considering and we’ll help identify the best material for your catheter application and process. We can test performance during bonding, tipping or flaring of sample tubing. We partner with you to get your project into production.